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We do not use any ingredients containing gluten in our products and source only certified gluten-free grains. We are very diligent about preventing possible cross-contamination, but if you are highly sensitive to gluten it is important to note that at this time we produce our meals in a shared facility. In the future, we hope to have a dedicated gluten-free production space.

Not yet, but it is our sincere hope that all of our ingredients will be 100% organic in the future. Currently we source as many organic ingredients as we can while also trying to keep in mind the price of our meals. As we grow we will be able to purchase ingredients in larger quantities at lower costs and are committed to transitioning as many ingredients to organic as possible.

We use high quality, minimally processed, clean ingredients in our meals and do not add any preservatives, shelf stabilizers, or artificial ingredients. Some of the ingredients we use, such as freeze dried fruit, are very sensitive to moisture while other ingredients, such as nuts, are very sensitive to oxygen. To ensure our meals stay fresh we add food-safe desiccant packets and food-safe oxygen absorbers. Please discard the freshness packets before preparing and enjoying your meal.


We are a very small team, working hard to keep up with the demand for our meals. We apologize if what you want to order is not available at the moment. Please check the store on Friday after 10 AM PST, which is when we update our inventory to reflect what was made during the week. 

If you're purchasing Backcountry Staples as a gift you can add a personal message in the note box, shown in the shopping cart. This message will be printed out on a small card and included with the order. Also the purchase details, such as cost, will not be sent with the order.