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The Backcountry Staples Difference

We’re not your ordinary adventure-ready meal! There are some pretty good options already on the market, but we’ve never found something that satisfies all our expectations. These frustrations led to years of experimenting with home-made recipes. Eventually we landed on the perfect formula: Thoughtfully wholesome meals designed for outdoor trips, travel, AND everyday life on-the-go. Why? Because, life doesn’t need more complexity. Convenient, quick-cooking meals are something everyone should be able to enjoy, and they are just as useful for everyday life as they are for backcountry adventures.

There are a few key differences that make Backcountry Staples simply the BEST:


You won’t find any preservatives, ‘natural’ flavors, artificial sweeteners, or food coloring in our meals. We’ve gone a step further to source the best, least processed ingredients we can. They’re free from inflammatory oils, unnecessary gums or stabilizers, and soy derivatives.


For many people, gluten and dairy cause inflammation in the body. Inflammation makes you feel bloated, sluggish, and weak. Our meals are the opposite and empower you to accomplish more.


A lot of convenient, quick-cooking meals have boring flavor profiles. Not ours! Every recipe features a refined, mouth-watering taste that you won’t find anywhere else.


Proper nutrition is more than the balance of carbs, fats, and protein. It’s also critical to consider the amount of fiber, sodium, sugar, and micro-nutrients. We’ve done the hard work for you. Our meals will leave you feeling energized and nutritionally satisfied.


We don’t think it’s enough to just make gluten-free, plant-based meals using clean ingredients. We also have no added sugar, natural sugar, and nut-free options so that more people can enjoy our meals.


There was a point in time, not that long ago, when reusable water bottles and coffee mugs were hard to find. Thankfully we’ve progressed as a society! Food thermoses are the next wave. The convenience a food thermos provides is revolutionary. Simply add boiling water to our thermos compatible recipes and you can enjoy a hot meal anywhere. The best part is that the meal will stay warm for several hours giving you the flexibility life requires. Insulated food canisters are also incredibly useful for taking leftovers home after a dinner out at your favorite restaurant.


Conventional adventure-ready meals come in heavy, bulky packaging that you can pour boiling water into. Ours don’t. You can’t prepare your meal in our packets and that’s a very intentional decision. We’re confident our solution is better for most people because it:

  • Eliminates significant packaging weight and size, which adds up when you’re preparing for a multi-day trip.
  • Is more appropriate for everyday use.
  • Eating out of a bag is unpleasant. Most adventurers we know travel with at least a pot and usually a bowl, which are much more enjoyable to eat from.

We’re focused on creating the best adventure-ready meals at a reasonable price. Our meals are not the cheapest and they're not the most expensive. Instead we're trying to fill the void in the middle by making choices that offer you the most value. Yes, we use a lot of premium ingredients, but we balance that out with simple packaging.

If you’re an adventurer at heart and enjoy backpacking, climbing, cycling, skiing, rafting, travelling, or just need convenient meals for life on the go the Backcountry Staples difference will help solve your meal prep challenges. Click the button below to explore our online store.