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Our Mission

WHAT: Create Delicious, Wholesome, Quick-Cooking Meals

We are committed to creating flavorful, energizing, quick-cooking meals that you can trust. We use simple, natural, and clean ingredients that are thoughtfully chosen to align with many different dietary needs. Backcountry Staples is healthy, nourishing, and well-balanced - we won't settle for anything less!

WHY: We're Passionate About Good Food, Convenience and Adventure

At the core, we believe in enabling the enjoyment of good food anywhere. We make our products versatile, convenient, and packable. Versatile means meeting your everyday needs - with whomever, wherever, and whenever that may be. Convenient means food you can rely on when you need something tasty to grab and go. Packable means our meals are compactly packaged and designed for travel.

HOW: Holistically Nourishing Our Environment, Community and Company

As an alternative to conventional business practices, we are dedicated no less to the well being of our communities and our environment as we are to the sustainability of our company. We want adventure opportunities to exist for generations to come, so we will do our part to protect the places that make backcountry trips possible through our 3% For Public Lands program. The program sets aside 3% of every purchase, which we then distribute to one of our partner non-profit organizations that uses the money to protect and care for Public Lands.