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Growing up I had the good fortune to go on many backcountry canoe trips in northern Maine, which cultivated my life-long passion and appreciation for the outdoors. These interests led me to Colorado and New Zealand as a college student. It was during this time that I expanded my adventures to long distance backpacking trips and studied mechanical engineering. After organizing a number of excursions for friends, I realized how much I enjoy inspiring and empowering others to explore wild places. Following college I moved to Seattle where I worked as a product design engineer, discovered a drive for entrepreneurship, and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest.

The idea for Backcountry Staples originated when my partner, Anya, and I were hiking in Olympic National Park on an unusually hot summer day. While sitting down to enjoy lunch at a lake, we began reflecting on the lack of wholesome, compactly packaged, quick-cooking meals available in the market; why was it so hard to find options that met our desires and needs? For years I'd prepared all of our own meals for trips, but sometimes I didn't have the time and wished there were better pre-made options. The rest of the hike all I could think about is the possibility of combining my passions for outdoor adventure, good food, product development, and entrepreneurship to make it easier for others to enjoy nutritious meals anywhere. It's been three years since then and I've tested hundreds of recipes in my effort to create what I think are the best eight breakfast options available for outdoor adventures, travel, and everyday life on the go.

Another critical element of my commitment to Backcountry Staples has been an extended personal struggle with eczema. It's been a long journey to reach a place where my eczema is not a daily burden. Throughout this journey I've experimented with many different diets and realized the importance of properly balanced, non-inflammatory nutrition. We try to make meals that fit a wide variety of dietary needs by using simple, natural, clean ingredients. The recipes I've created are the ones I eat everyday. I sincerely hope that you'll give them a try!

-JC Coughlin, Owner

JC Coughlin - Backcountry Staples Founder Photo