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Thermos Cooking

Here at Backcountry Staples we’re diehards about thermos cooking, but we realize not everyone knows what that means so we’ve created this informational resource.

Thermos cooking is a means of preparing a hot meal using only boiling water. It requires a food thermos and a meal compatible with thermos cooking. The simplicity of the method has so many advantages. It’s the most convenient, efficient, easy, and portable way to prepare food for life on the go. A food thermos functions as a cooking vessel, storage container, and bowl all-in-one. Your meal will be ready to eat 5-15 minutes after adding the boiling water but can also be enjoyed several hours later. When it comes to thermos cooking not all quick-cooking meals are created equal. Our Backcountry Staples meals are specifically designed with thermos cooking in mind.


  • Food thermos (make sure the size is appropriate for the meal you plan to make)
  • A meal compatible with thermos cooking
  • Boiling water


  1. Add the meal to the insulated food thermos
  2. Pour in the recommended amount of boiling water
  3. Stir everything together
  4. Screw the lid on to seal the food thermos
  5. Let the meal cook in the food thermos for the minimum amount of recommended time
  6. Enjoy your meal anytime up to a few hours after making it


  • Pre-warm your food thermos by filling it with boiling water for a few minutes. A warmer thermos helps meals cook more completely and stay hot longer, which is especially important when it's below room temperature
  • It's important to use fully boiling water
  • If you like a more crunchy texture, the enclosed freeze dried fruit or veggie packet can be saved and added as a topping just before eating
  • Depending on the outside temperature your meal will stay warm for 1 - 4 hours. If you're bringing your food thermos on a winter adventure, put it in a backpack with an extra layer wrapped around it
  • Stir your meal thoroughly before enjoying
  • If you'll be cleaning your food thermos later add some water after eating your meal. This prevents the inside from drying out, making it much easier to wash out
  • The silicone band, included with our thermos', can be used to hold a utensil against the side of the thermos. Great for packing!